Balinese Hut Gazebo's

Balinese hut gazebo

Balinese Hut Gazebo

Have you been dreaming about owning a
Balinese hut gazebo
Imagine having it all set up sitting around with friends and family. In the cooler months the little outdoor gas heaters are a wonderful addition and in the warmer months well it’s like a room outdoors.
Imported from the Island paradise!
Our Beautiful Balinese hut gazebo’s posts and flooring is made from coconut wood, a 100% natural product. The coconut wood has its own unique grain. The coconut palm has been believed to be the symbol of romance in the tropics and associated with relaxation.
Our posts have some tasteful hand carving..
The roof is a shingle effect made from a hardwood called Bingkiray.
​The ceiling of the gazebo is of traditional bamboo matting.
​Prices start from $3'500 email us with a size preference for a quote.