Shipping Service Container Space from Bali to Australia

Shipping Service Container Space from Bali to Australia
We offer a freight service to get your Bali shopping home to you!
Unique Imports has been importing fantastic products from Bali for over 25 years! 
We will always bring you the best range, quality and price possible!
We do however know that you may be like us and love Bali and love to holiday there!
The shopping in Bali is endless with a fantastic range to furnish your whole house, your outdoor living and yes if you are renovating it’s a dream!
You can shop yourself if you know the suppliers you would like to use or we can recommend a lovely lady 'Lode' who can take you shopping.
Once you have shopped or made your orders, send us all your invoices and we will take care of the rest whilst you enjoy your holiday. 
We can Pickup from the supplier you purchased your goods from.
 Packaging/crating/fumigation/Indonesian charges/ freight to Sydney/port charges/ Duty/Customs clearance/ trucking & delivery to the coast and unpack at our
Central Coast NSW  property is all included in the price!

Not sure where to shop click here!


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