Bali shopping & shipping service for your business!

'Lode' can shop for you and we can ship it for you!

10 item or 1000 items!

Lode has been doing our personalised shopping tours for a long time and knows where to go for quality at great prices.

All she will need from you are pictures and quantities small or large and she will source it, price it, quality control it and then organise the shipping on our next available container leaving Bali!

Lode's shopping service!

1-2 shops $20

2-3 shops $40

4-5 shops  $60

5 or more shops $75

All money for stock & Lode's service needs to be paid when ordered.

Money can be sent through Unique Imports.

Exchange rate through the bank on the day of ordering.

Bank transfer fee $10

Lode will check on your order, quality control it and organise delivery to our freight service where it will be ready for the next available container to the Central Coast NSW.

Email us and we can organise it for you! 

  Freight from Bali

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