Shipping from Bali to Australia

Importation Fees                 

Cost: $550 per cubic metre plus GST on your purchases.
                                                  Prices subject to change without notification.

  We firmly and securely pack all items in a container, if your items can have things packed inside them without causing damage we will do that to make your cubic meters as little as possible.

We either crate, box or use cardboard wrap, depending on the item depends on the method used.

Once your items are packaged they will be measured to calculate the cubic meter total.

 We are acting as your shipping agent:

When your items enter Australia GST needs to be paid, we incur these costs and disburse them on to you.
EG: If the cupboard you purchase is $100, The GST to be paid will be  $10 on top of your cubic meters.

Our costs include:

  •          Pick up of Large items or multiples of items from your place of purchase
  •          Packaging
  •          Fumigation (excluding alang alang, banana leaf)
  •          Indonesian charges
  •          Freight to Sydney
  •          Port charges
  •          Terminal handling charges
  •          Duty 
  •          Standard Quarantine fees
  •          Customs clearance in Sydney
  •          Trucking delivery to the coast
  •          Unpack 

Our costs do not include:

    • Held up by AQUIS if quarantine need to inspect your goods.
    • Delivery to your address
    • Very heavy items. EG: stone statues or water features over 1m tall, Large heavy doors, heavy tables, bathtubs, multiples of stepping stones or tiles.                                                                                                              $30 per heavy piece. 
    • Export license for granite, marble, animal hide & raw stone.
    • Export license for gazebo's, Balinese, Javanese doors, bulk timber for building. 
    • Export license for multiples of shells. The charge for these licenses are per container so license cost will be shared between customers with similar products if possible. 
    • Export license for Wooden furniture V Legal
    • Collection of goods  from hotel or homes   (small charge added)                                                                                                                                  

Keep in mind:

  • At this point in time we will be not importing Banana leaf or Alang Alang as licences in Both Bali and Australia are high in costs.
  • Suar wood must be made into furniture, no slabs can be imported.
  • Unique Imports have the right to refuse importing of items which are over sized and extremely heavy so please check before purchasing.  
  •  The minimum charge is ½ cubic meter so the minimum charge is $275 for shipping goods.
  • No large shells & other decorative shell item incurs a small cost depending on quantity
  • Our containers are insured for theft and if it goes down at sea.
  • Our team in Bali have been packing our goods for over 20 years and we do have a minimal breakage record, however things do happen and we do not take any responsibility for damaged goods and wrong orders. You can take out your own personal insurance
  • Be Aware that MDF can absorb moisture, we use lots of silica in our containers and we pay for double the amount of dry bags to absorb moisture in the container but the MDF seems to also absorb it which can cause more mould than normal.
    • Splitting, warping and shrinkage of timber. Check if the timber has been dried or look for recycled timbers.
    • Pick up is at Green Point NSW and must be  done at your earliest convenience
    • Sorry we do not offer storage and charges will incur for products that are not picked up after 2 weeks of arrival, unless arrangements have been made with Unique Imports.                                                             
    • Our Containers leave Bali when they are full so there is no guarantee on exactly when its departure will be each time nor when it will exactly arrive.                                                                                                          
    • Our prices are done on a FULL CONTAINER LOAD so you are getting a very reasonable price, you can however import yourself and have your goods come as soon as they are ready, you will then pay a higher price for cargo and  you then also need to clear customs, quarantine  and pay the Australian charges of Duty, GST and any other costs. 
    • Beware of shops in Bali where you buy your products offering you cheap freight as this also will only be from port to Port and you will then have to pay the extra costs of clearing customs, quarantine  and pay the Australian charges of Duty, GST and all other costs along with broker fees.

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